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MS Office 

Edulink Network offers MS Office for beginners to enable them to use soft skills at work with confidence. 

Our trainers help learners to learn from the beginning and achieve desirable skills to get success in the job interview and at work with confidence.


MS Office course includes a highlight of Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook. This course helps ordinary learners to get required MS Office skills for an administrative job. 


EN accepting application for MS Office course.Please contact us for booking

Typing on Computer

CV Writing 

A good CV demonstrates the skills of a candidate in front of the employer.

EN offers a CV writing skill course to help candidates to demonstrate their abilities properly to achieve the desired position.

CV Writing Skills includes a different format of CV. Writing and review of a good CV which contains relevant information to secure a job.


LSLS accepting application for CV Writing Course. Please contact us for booking

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