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Edulink Network

Edulink Network Ltd. is registered Company in the United Kingdom with registration number 8143715 Edulink Network is growing organization in the area of education support. Edulink Network is based in United Kingdom. The organization works on the approach to help clients to make their bright future by getting them admission in world’s best institutions or settle them as skilled worker in modern countries.


Edulink Network’s aim is to recruit the best students for Colleges and Universities in different countries from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, UAE and Nigeria and facilitate them to get adjust in those countries during their study period. Our team is well trained to help newly arrived students for six months without any additional charges. We support new students in all aspects including College/University Registration, Travel information, Communication, Accommodation, Council Tax and any kind of information they can get only on one call. 


Edulink Network is an organization based in United Kingdom; we assist our clients for immigration, study and recruitment services.


We help students to choose what to study, where to study and how to get there. We support a broad range of students from a different region of the world looking to study abroad, we contact and discuss cases with the university of their choice.


Our immigration service helps our clients to submit and process immigration application with aim to get approval. We advise our clients to improve their required score to increase success ratio. We assist for Express Entry, PNP and other immigration services. 

We offer recruitment services within and outside UK. EN involves in recruitment process with limited scope in healthcare sector, Security, Education and information technology. EN runs different training programs to its clients to fulfill the requirement of the jobs.

Edulink Network’s aim is to expand its network through regional offices to provide standard services to different part of the world. Our objective is to spread the modern education by providing guidance and support to new generation toward international institutions. Furthermore, we aim to settle skilled worker by recruitment and immigration to Europe and Canada.

Our Expertise
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